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Join our upcoming Women's Circle

Our Women’s Circle offers an informal, guided setting for women to explore their emotions, goals, triggers and successes. Open to all ages, these events are bi-lingual Spanish and English and create an opportunity for Colombians and Venezuelans to mingle with participants from around the world in a mind-opening cultural event.

Personal Growth Workshops

Breaking through barriers of self-doubt, low self esteem, lack of trust, and other limiting narratives is crucial to success as a woman. We offer workshops designed to create emotionally healthy environments in the workforce and at home. We cover topics as varied as identifying emotional triggers, recognizing and avoiding toxic relationships, communicating in teams, overcoming self-doubt, managing conflicts and much more. 
Our workshops employ lectures, art therapy, group discussions, movement, dance, and meditation.

“Con Proyecto Florecer, estoy floreciendo.
With Proyecto Florecer, I am flourishing.”

– Katty, participante


Our program offers young people hands-on STEM education in the theme of entrepreneurship.

Vocational training

Not everyone is cut out for the corporate world, but vocational skills can be pivotal in creating small...

Entrepreneurial Certification Program

Our multi-week certification program teaches participants all the basics of running a business...

Microlending (SPARKS)

Our microlending program helps small business owners get off the ground...

Community Kitchen

Our Community Kitchens are a training ground for the women we serve...

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