Our initiatives

Community Kitchen

Our Community Kitchens are a training ground for the women we serve. Using our Education in Action methodology, we support our team to build self confidence and the job skills necessary to contribute in the formal workforce. We offer nutrition-focused food security for the community at large, using recipes created by a professional nutritionist.

“This project is not only limited to providing food to the community but also is an opportunity to provide for a vulnerable neighbourhood. What we do goes beyond just relieving food insecurity but is also contributing to a better quality of life for the mothers that are part of this project. I am a mother and I am happy and proud to be part of Proyecto Florecer.”

- Andrea, participante


Our program offers young people hands-on STEM education in the theme of entrepreneurship.

Vocational training

Not everyone is cut out for the corporate world, but vocational skills can be pivotal in creating small...

Entrepreneurial Certification Program

Our multi-week certification program teaches participants all the basics of running a business...

Personal Growth Workshops

Breaking through barriers of self-doubt, low self esteem, lack of trust is crucial...

Microlending (SPARKS)

Our microlending program helps small business owners get off the ground...

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