9 suggestions for a healthy family coexistence in times of the coronavirus – Susana Obesso

We are in uncertain times where we are all affected and experiencing changing emotions all the time, we could say that we are experiencing a duel as humanity.

It is normal to feel fear, anxiety, sadness, constant worry, irritability, difficulties with sleep, among other symptoms, and all this has an effect on how we live with others, especially because we are in a quarantine that forces us to be together all the time.

Susana Obesso Psychologist University of San Buenaventura has organized some tips to help you during the quarantine process and onward.

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1. Pay attention to the present to maintain harmony in daily coexistence. It is time to have patience and positive thoughts, we are all upset like this, that you do not take anything personally and do not try to solve old problems in these circumstances since it is possible that pending or inconclusive situations of intra-family relationships may appear.

2. Try to limit how you receive information about coronavirus. It is important to stay informed, but not excessively, and only from reliable sources. It is necessary to let off steam and feel heard, but not always going around on the same subject, so I suggest we generate different and interesting spaces and conversations, creative, challenges, games, and questions.

3. Emotional self-regulation.  Each member of the family is responsible for their emotions and what they do with them, so the invitation is to generate resources to go through these states, and to manage stress, there are some pillars that can help you right now. Food, physical activity, meditation, prayer, and/or breathing and love. Love is the most powerful force that inhabits us as humans, vibrating in love makes this coexistence more bearable, always remembering the learnings to which it invites us and focusing on what we do have and not on what we lack.

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4. Ask for help. Contact your nearby support networks or the different entities of the state that have arranged to attend to possible situations of mental health or family life.

5. Distribute chores in an equitable way. It is a secret that all the tasks of the home are increased so it is important to assume more active roles from teamwork.

6. Do things we like together as a family. This might include exercise, games, cooking, watching TV or movies, reading, or praying together.

7. Preserve moments of privacy. Do not feel compelled to interact all the time, then create space to be alone and engage in personal activities. Let there be routine as a family and an individual agreeing on the times.

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8. Schedule a weekly meeting. Each family member will express how he is feeling, what needs he has what makes him feel this situation, have spaces to share, and listen to us empathetically and lovingly.

9. Family support. We can ask each other, how are you? What do you need? Detect signs of mental health disturbances, be vigilant in providing support, and seek professional help if necessary.

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